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Company profile- Sekom Logistics

Russian forwarder agentSekom Logistics is a modern Russian forwarder agent company founded in St. Petersburg by Finnish forwarding agent in the beginning of 2005 as a subsidiary office.

We have a great experience in international forwarding and cargo customs clearance for Russian importers and exporters as a Russian forwarder agent.

Besides that we do search of Russian food, non-food industrial goods for exprt from Russia for our foregn clients. We can do all complex of export through our own wholesale companies with the minimal margin. As we are logistics company- trade is our side business, so, our salesprice is minimal and is below salesprice of competitors.

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Sekom Logistics got integrated into a world network of international forwarding agents as a Russian forwarder agent. Nowadays, the company represents modern coordination center comprising of agencies and representations which are located in strategically important points Southeast Asian countries and in Europe. Due to these circumstances, we are able to arrange the delivery of cargo by shipping containers from such strategically important countries for Russian consignees as India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and from Europe and USA.

We offer our clients:

  • International freight traffic, including long distance truck transportation and ocean freight, railroading and air conveyances;
  • International transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Transportation of excise consignments, including excise labeling of alcoholic products;
  • Multimodal and intermodal international carriage through the Russian, CIS, European, American, and Southeast Asian terminals;
  • Container shipments and international transportations through the ports of the Baltic Sea (St.-Petersburg, Baltic and Scandinavian countries), the Black sea, and also through Vostochny port of Vladivostok city;
  • “Door to door” delivery through own representations and agency network;
  • Prompt customs clearance of cargoes;
  • Terminal operations and warehousing at own and leased premises in Finland, Belgium and the Baltic states;
  • Multiple-task solutions as to the transportation, storage and processing of different cargo classification, including oversized, dangerous and refrigerator consignments;
  • Consultations on foreign trade activities, transportation routes, terms and conditions of customs clearance for various types of cargo;
  • Consultations on optimization of existing delivery schedules and cash flows;
  • Package freight from the European and Southeast Asian countries, including transportation from China, delivery of cargoes, international motor transportation (Finland);
  • Sale of refrigerated sea containers;
  • Customhouse broker services, as well as customs clearance of cargoes, goods and export;
  • International forwarding arrangements;
  • Freight forwarding, Russian forwarder agent ;

For today, the priority directions of our company’s activities are motor transportations from Europe and container shipments from Europe and Southeast Asia. On top of this, we have accumulated wide experience in complex transport, warehouse and customs processing of excise consignments and unique upmarket items.

Increasing range of services, offered by our company, Sekom Logistics founded own Russian trade companies. Based on the facilities of the holding, we offer outsourcing of international import and export operations for our clients.

Some of Russian producers and trading companies, saving own resources, time and money, are doing their business. Sekom group is doing all international import and export operations.

The head office of the company is located in St. Petersburg, we also have our representation office operating in Moscow.


Our motto is: «More than just logistics»

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