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FEA Outsoucing

Collection and consolidation

Upon requests of our customers, we offer to perform goods’ collection from several suppliers on a palette basis, with further consolidation of the whole consignment at our partners’ warehouses. When ready, the cargo is dispatched to the consignee by maritime carriage or by truck.

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We completely supervise the collection of goods and monitor the correctness of transport and customs documents. Due to cooperation with the transportation companies which specialize on delivery of short lots, we manage to collect lots within the shortest period and at the lowest rates. All we ask our customers to do is just to fill in the transportation order correctly and prepare the lots.

Also, if according to the order, a small lot has to be delivered within very short period, our company will arrange for the small-size vehicle to carriage this specific load as to the required route.

Despite of quite a variation in speed between the above transportation and air conveyance, the economic effect still makes this option very attractive for our customers.

Our experts or our partners will get in contact with the seller or the manufacturer and instruct them on the procedure of unloading, assist in filling in transportation documents, check the set for completeness and correctness and agree upon the place and date of pick-up and then provide relevant means of transportation.

Well coordinated and agreed performance will provide the customers with extremely flexible and convenient services which are to meet their expectations what comes to quality, delivery terms and prices. Managers of our customer service department will monitor the delivery throughout the route.

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