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FEA Outsoucing

Oversized, heavy cargoes

Oversized, heavy cargo RussiaIf the cargo is impossible to deliver in standard containers or trailers due to its dimensions or weight, our experts will assist the customer to resolving the issue. We do professionally deliver various equipment, metal structures and space consuming machines.

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For Oversized, heavy cargo Russia deliveries we engage railway sector, motor vehicles, inland waterways and ocean equipment. The network of agents worldwide allows us to carry out such deliveries from any point in the world. We carefully study the route with the purpose to reduce costs as much as possible, and thus to provide maximal reliability and safety of transportation. We also develop different ways of cargo securing and arrange for all documents required to perform these operations as well as a special road police escort.

Considering complexity of transportation of Oversized, heavy cargo Russia, we give special attention to such deliveries and carefully study all transportation details and provide comprehensive consultations and instructions on the case.

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