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What is 3-PL logistics and why is it valuable for the client?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) is the act of providing logistics or fulfillment services, as part of supply chain management – from delivery and addressee’s storage to orders management and tracking of cargo transport. The responsibilities of Supplier of Services are: organization and management of cargo transport, record-keeping and stock management, preparation of import-export and freight documentation, warehousing, material handling and delivery to the End-user.

When working with a 3-PL operator, you will receive:

  • More control over your business and ability to stay competitive in a fast changing market.
  • Reduction of costs – both transport and administrative
  • Maximization of profit by reducing transport expenses.
  • Quality Customer Service for your clients.
  • More streamlined business, performing transactions with fewer entities (for example, using one freight forwarder).
  • Reduce the need to hire additional employees resources.
  • Modernize approach to logistics.
  • One source to receive information.
  • Customized reporting tools for your management team.
  • Reduction of overtime pay.
  • Better utilization of resources to meet and exceed Your business goals, saving on operation costs, expenses and business administration.

• We are oriented on our core business so that we can help you concentrate on Yours.

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