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survey RussiaSurvey procedure arrangement


Upon request of our customer we may involve independent surveyors with further conveyance of the Report of survey Russia. This survey may be arranged both in Russia and abroad at one of our partner’s warehouse terminals.

We cooperate with the most respectable surveyor companies and are able to offer the survey of all types of cargo.

It is not insignificant for Russian consignees to have the survey done in the countries of Southeast Asia, India and China. As the majority of deals in this region are made on the basis of prepayment, it is very important to examine the goods before shipment, and to confirm the compliance of real parameters of the cargo with the assurances of the seller.

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insurance RussiaFreight insurance arrangements


In case of highly valuable carriages, which value exceeds CMR coverage, we may arrange additional insurance for the period of transportation of the cargo, upon the customer’s request.

If delivered to transit or consolidated warehouses for further processing or storage, all goods shall have additional insurances.

We may insure cargoes with any insurance company as to our customers’ instructions.

Escort arrangements

With the purpose to provide extra security and safety of the consignment, we regularly arrange armed paramilitary escort as of the Russian border and up to the warehouse of the customer.

We have set up the procedure which allows maximal escort speed. The escort vehicle is ordered in advance and awaiting for the cargo to arrive on the Russian territory at the border crossing point.

Due to streamlined arrangements with escort companies, this procedure does not require much time for preparation and all the details are carefully worked out.

Customs escort arrangements


At the international carriages of valuable consignments it is required to perform customs escort from the Russian border crossing point to the Russian bonded warehouse where the customs formalities will take place.

Due to established connections at the border crossing points and constant deliveries to our customers, our company may always count on available customs officer to follow the cargo to the Russian bonded warehouse. This procedure is set up at all major border crossing points.

By doing so we eliminate vehicles’ down time and provide timely deliveries.

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