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Truck transportation

Trucking from RussiaNowadays, truck transportation still remains one of the fastest ways to deliver large consignments to customers.Sekom Logistics is engaged in truck transportations within Trucking from Russiato  the European territory and Scandinavian countries, the Russian and the CIS countries’ territory. Our partners are both reliable and well-reputed Russian and foreign companies.

Our company provides Trucking from Russia with a wide choice of motor vehicles which meet up to date requirements of our customers: semi-trailers/vans with the volumetric capability up to 160 cubic meters; loading capacity up to 30 tons; special equipment for transportation of refrigerators and dangerous cargoes, vehicles as well as maritime containers of any type. In case your consignment in terms of volume is lesser than the whole truck, we offer to take advantage of our package freight services with cost reduction in mind.

Trucking from Russia by Sekom Logistics

Our experts will advise you on optimal routing schedules with the purpose to meet our customers’ requirements as to the terms of delivery and the safety of cargo.

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Trucking from Russia of valuable cargoes we are capable to provide insurance arrangements and customs and paramilitary escort services.

Due to the mobile communication with drivers we may inform our clients on the cargo’s location on a real time basis at any time.

We keep under control our vehicles’ border crossing and capable of speeding up the process and facilitating in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In case of pre-holiday lining-up at a certain border crossing point, we promptly rearrange for alternative routing. Our company has worked out all necessary standard operating procedures covering all border crossing issues.

We are pleased to offer our customers not just the delivery from one point to another but also to take care of all procedures related to import deliveries to Russia, including customs clearance and cargo certification arrangement and the expert advise on documentation required for such operations.

If a buyer wishes to perform cargo pre-screening before crossing the border, we are happy to facilitate the procedure by weighting and photographing all or part of the cargo at our partners’ warehouses. These measures aimed at diagnosis of flaws and prevention of disputes at customs clearance.

Upon necessity, the professional and affordable custody of the cargo may be arranged at our warehouses.

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