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FEA Outsoucing

Logistics Audit (Optimization of operational costs and expenses on logistics) or Audit of Freight.

We continuously work on innovations that help save our clients money and time. We aim to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

If you are not yet our client but want to understand the true picture of your expenses on logistics, we can offer You logistics Audit.

With the help of our accounting services, you can save a great deal of money keeping in mind that logistics and customs clearance expenses make up to 70% of cost of shipping goods and are the most costly business operations for the company.

The result of audit might astonish you.

We can review pricing quotes on all of your cargo transports – multimodal transport, carriage of goods by sea, by rail, and intermodal freight transports, as well as payments for customs clearance, duties and tariffs. This particular service is very useful for the owner of the company as well as for its head manager. With the help of our company, You can have a fresh look at the concept of cargo transport.

We analyze Your costs on logistics.

We show you the ways to save on finances related to logistics.

All it takes is to complete a survey questionnaire from our specialists and you will see the real  picture of your business operations and financial health.

Our independent analysis will not cost you any money if Your business is already optimized and You found the ways to save on Your finances.

We do not charge for the audit; the work is done free of charge for our clients. Our compensation for the work is a negotiated percentage of Your realized savings.

In the event that we find extra expenses during our audit, the cost of our service would be a very small part of the overall funds that You save.

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