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Documents control

Documents control

From time to time, when the truck has already left the point of loading, non-compliances, discrepancies and mistakes became evident in the sender’s documents.

Documents control is very important in all deliveries to Russia. Punishment from Russian officials is very serious, penalties are huge.

In some occasions, due to these non-compliances, the goods are considered by Russian customs officers as an illegal traffic, which result in block stops and sometimes in confiscation of the consignment. The company-importer experiences administrative proceedings with huge fines to be paid.

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If this fact is discovered before the border crossing point, it is possible to change the route and stop the truck and unload the goods at one of our partner’s warehouses, make the documents control  and continue the delivery. The availability of this option provides safe crossing of the Russian border and, when the truck arrives to the customs point of destination, the cargo passes customs clearance with no problems.

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As it is quite usual situation in practice, we have accumulated certain experience in resolving these issues. There are a number of our partners’ warehouses where the cargo can be safely transloaded, and, if necessary, accepted for custody storage.

Until the cargo has not left the European Union, it is possible to correct major non-compliances and avoid further problems when crossing the Russian border and facing customs clearance.

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