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To Clients

Sekom Logistics is a 3-PL freight forwarding company oriented to serve our client’s needs.
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We are here to serve our clients and All our specialists work hard to provide the highest level of service.
We are member of International transport association FIATA and Russian Freight Forwarders Association.
We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

Clients’ feedback of our work – please read here.
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Our task is to save money for our Client. In particular, we aim to take full responsibility for the execution of the total work tasks of our clients’ logistic departments, shipment and delivery, making the clients’ job cost effective, the least expensive, the highest quality, and the fastest turnaround with outmost professionalism.

Our task is to save time and give our Client peace of mind. In particular, when relying on many years of business experience in logistics, we take sole responsibility to deliver solutions, to propose innovative cost effective options to execute logistics workflow, and to expand the range of services to our clients.

By saving money for our clients, we understand that their business growth is our business growth and in that way, we increase freight flow volume and goods turnover.

With the help of highly trained and focused specialists and the optimization of our Company’s internal business processes, we increased the quality of our services to our clients.

We strive to take full ownership of our clients logistics needs. Any aspects of logistics that we cannot execute ourselves, we involve our Partner-Companies who are professionals specializing in the particular focused spheres of logistics management.

Sekom Logistics is a VIP-client to all of those Partner-Companies and our customers are guaranteed to receive the highest service quality and priority. The total combined capacity of our shipment loads allows us to provide sufficient discounts that no client could attain when working alone.

We developed our business model as a “Single Provider for All your logistics needs”-

– “One Stop Shop”. To Each and Every Client, we assign a personalized service manager. There is no need to waste time searching for answers from various individuals and service divisions of our Company. Your Personalized Service Manager will address All of your logistics management needs. A Manager is available to answer questions on the status of freight 24/7.

The founder of Sekom Logistics is a Finnish Carrier, therefore, we conduct our business ethics according to western  business standards. There is no such thing as a “Small Client” in our view. You, The Client, are always The Priority to Sekom Logistics. To our customer’s benefit, since our business core facility is in Russia, we added Russian flexible business practices and business opportunities to European business mentality.

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