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Excise consignments



Excise consignments Russia

Sekom Logistics  has been carrying out the delivery and labeling of alcoholic products-wines and spirits for Russian importers for more than six years. Excise consignments Russia is a very complex matter.

At import of alcoholic products harder than 9 %, it is required to be labeled with Russian excise banderols. The receipt of such banderols shall be arranged by the Russian importer but the labeling shall take place outside the Russian Federation. Each excise banderol has got the unique number and the Russian text with encoded information.

For the western person it is very easy to simply mix the banderols and label the products incorrectly. The goods equipped with wrong labels and mixed-up data are considered as an illegal traffic; there is no way to legalize such consignments afterwards. The importer will be deprived of license and fined in the amount of from 3 up to 10 Euros per bottle, depending on the type of alcoholic. The goods will be confiscated.

We offer our services in regards to the professional labeling with the Russian excise banderols and arrangement of package services related to the delivery of Excise consignments Russia.

Sekom Logistics is delivering wine and beer to Russia

Traditionally, the transportation route was plotted through warehouses of Baltic countries where the goods were labeled. However, due to certain constantly arising issues, such as: growing queues at the border, rates increase by carriers and at warehouses, and seasonal shortages of motor vehicles, our company has developed and tested a new transportation route for alcoholic products delivery – via customs excise warehouse in Belgium.

According to this new scheme, the consignments of our customers arrive at the warehouse by trucks or sea containers. After the goods are labeled with Russian excise banderols, they are delivered to Russia by sea in refrigerated or dry containers.

The choice of a warehouse was made considering the geographical location and the cargoes’ safety. The warehouse is situated in the center of Belgium and far away from port zones. Work performance and liabilities are truly of the European quality with no losses and shortages of bottles inside the pallets.Excise consignments Russia

Here You can see letters of recommendation from our clients.

Advantages with Sekom Logistics:

  • Professional labeling, the possibility of mistakes is eliminated;
  • Qualitative processing of both affordable table wines and expensive products in various gift packaging;
  • Compulsory reporting on labeling results, including photographing;
  • Fast and predictable custom processing with no incidental expenses involved.

Excise consignments Russia

Under the instructions of our customers, the goods may be accepted for transportation at the shipping point of each and every county of the world, with the possibility of labeling with Russian excise banderols, and further delivery to a warehouse of the final recipient in Russia. If the goods are already labeled with Russian excise banderols by the manufacturer, we can offer the delivery (by the land or by the sea), in-port forwarding services, customs transit formalization, and from port to warehouse transportation.

Costs for maritime deliveries are considerably lower than those for truck deliveries across the Europe. In addition, the rates are subject to very low fluctuations compared to strong seasonable price movements when transporting through the Baltic countries.

Sekom Logistics collects loads on a palette basis from various manufacturers located in different.

countries, labels with Russian excise banderols and performs deliveries to Russia.

In the customer is not engaged in import operations himself, we can facilitate Russian excise banderols arrangement and import the goods to the territory of Russia through our own agreements with the Russian technical importers of alcoholic products.

Our delivery terms are minimal and the containers are available even before Christmas and the New Year holidays. On-schedule deliveries ate guaranteed by daily passages from Rotterdam and Antwerp ports to St.-Petersburg.

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